Our mission is to introduce gamers to Jesus, see them discipled in a faith community and equipped to reach others.

There are over 3 BILLION active gamers online worldwide—this one of the largest people groups in the world!

We're building a digital ministry that normalises faith in gaming spaces and can share God's love in any country, timezone or culture that has access to the internet. We're crossing digital borders with the aim to reach a people group that often can't or won't go to church—so we are coming to them, to meet them where they are, bringing with us, the life changing message of Jesus.

News and stories

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PastorSKAR is now streaming to over 140,000 unique individual people in over 100 countries, with over 6.54 million minutes of hours spent watching our content. We are regularily sharing the gospel, engaging in faith conversations, praying for people daily and sending Bibles globally, to anyone who wants one!

Currently the online Community interacts in a variety of ways. This includes online via the Twitch Stream, via the Discord Server and through Community Games and Pray & Chat sessions. The Community is able to interact, share prayer and praise points and play games together in a safe environment.

PastorSKAR is a Twitch Partner, streaming LIVE four times a week. Click the link above to join, and see the weekly schedule below.
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Join the Community

You are SO welcome to join our SKARFAM Discord server. It's a great way to interact and be encouraged, with the online community.
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What happens !Offstream?

Throughout the weeks Bible Studies, called "Level Up", are run with the online community. We are also working on other ways to engage and grow..

Gamers Reaching Gamers

The goal is to reach all 3.5 billion gamers - but how are we going to do that? The concept is to grow our streamer base, to eventually be streaming around the clock in multiple different countries and languages.

SKAR Ministries Team

Currently SKAR Ministries has an awesome team, which includes people from 7 different cities in 5 different time zones. Everyone is working together across the ministry, from moderating, to video editing to business operations and finance.

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Partner With Us!

We cannot do this ministry without our partners - whether speaking opportunities, volunteering, support and encouragement or financial contributions, we are so incredible thankful for each person who has partnered with SKAR Ministries!

If you would like to partner with us, please get in contact via one of the avenues below.

Creating a safe space for gamers and non-gamers—where you can have fun, enjoy a laugh and be a part of a great community.

And most of all, know that they are loved!

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